Reduced 80% Alerts through Service-Centric AIOps.

The client needed a consolidated view of their IT landscape for effective management of their environment. Ismart delivered an intelligent dashboard—with a consolidated view—to manage the client’s IT environment effectively while optimizing efficiency and boosting productivity.

Business Challenge

Client was facing the following challenges from their existing environment:

  • Huge investments on tools but unavailability of a consolidated view; huge MTTR
  • Capacity management was not in place, leading to ad hoc requirements and increased running costs
  • Reactive and siloed monitoring was resulting in frequent outages in business-critical applications. There was a need to support 3000+ tickets per month.

Our Solution

Partnering with the client, Ismart successfully delivered the required solution to the client helping them manage their IT environment effectively. The solution provided the following:

  • A consolidated view of the client’s infrastructure landscape and App vs. Infra mapping
  • Tool consolidation through Coforge’s proposed platform
  • AIOps-enabled solution considering algorithm for IT Ops management
  • Synthetic and cloud-enabled monitoring

Eden Office Park, 64 Macrae Road, Pill, Bristol


Delivering More Value

Integrated infrastructure, based on continuous service improvement strategies, has helped the client achieve better business results including the following:

  • Ismart’s IT Ops platform helped in delivering a further classified Service Map that would bring more proactive results in finding faults in case of any response challenge
  • 32K GBP were saved through tool consolidation with better visibility and enhanced features
  • Achieved 80% reduction in alerts through event correlation and deduplication
  • Provided complete AWS services monitoring, auto-discovery, and cloud brokerage
  • Provided a single dashboard for performance management and reporting