Game Testing for Leading Animation Company. Testing Services for million-dollar Animation company in IOM

In any gaming app, a seamless interface is directly proportional to its popularity in the gaming industry. A million-dollar animation company venturing into gaming wanted to leverage test automation to meet the need of high-speed product rollout and manage the dynamic UI changes. Know how Ismart’s robust test execution mechanism lowered maintenance costs and promoted scalability.

Business Situation & Challenges

The basic objective of the client was to leverage Test Automation for its mobile games.

The project was challenging and unique because of the following:

  • Dynamic changes to the UI during the game play
  • Need to automate game controls and perform repetitive actions
  • Minimizing the effort required execution of automated scripts across multiple devices
  • Need to identify defects across the list of devices & management of defects thereafter

Solutions Provided

Ismart performed a tool feasibility study based on the application architecture and recommended Experitest SeeTest as the tool to be used due to its image and object recognition capabilities.

  • Implemented image overloading mechanism to handle dynamic UI changes.
  • Designed and built core automation engine in Java to enable automated testing of game flow.
  • Created a robust test automation framework with low maintenance costs by leveraging the robustness of TestNG framework, the power of SeeTest and the reusability of the Ismart
  • Mobile Test Automation accelerator.

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Results & Key Benefits Delivered

Imsart built a robust test automation framework with low maintenance costs for game testing for the client. Highlights of the key benefits achieved were:

  • Highly scalable and maintainable object repository for handling future changes to object structure
  • Robust test execution mechanism inherited from TestNG framework
  • Full data driven support using data accelerators
  • Customized reporting with screen captures for failures