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Devops Readiness Revitalize Business Transformation

How can DevOps readiness revitalize business transformation From identifying patterns to uncovering new revenue streams, DevOps plays an imperative role in revitalizing business transformation.  Befor [...]

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Outsourcing IT Solutions For Your Businesses

What does outsourcing your IT mean? This refers to when you as a business owner makes use of the services of an external company that will deliver IT related services, various processes, projects, IT [...]

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How does ISMART help in DMARC Implementation?

DMARC Implementation? 91% of cyberattacks target users email accounts through phishing emails. A phishing email is a form of social engineering, where a cybercriminal sends a fraudulent email in hopes [...]

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Are You A Game Tester?

Are You A Game Tester? How long have you been a game tester? Or you are fresh in game testing? Do you know the career options for a QA game tester? So, if you want to know: What is game testing? What [...]

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