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Outsourcing IT Solutions For Your Businesses

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What does outsourcing your IT mean?

This refers to when you as a business owner makes use of the services of an external company that will deliver IT related services, various processes, projects, IT maintenance, support and consultancy and advice on your IT infrastructure. A fully managed IT support contract from an IT company will usually offer services like 24/7 support on your whole infrastructure and will work alongside you with strategic advice for the growth of your business using technology.  Some business might already have an in-house IT team but will only need certain areas of IT support which they can also outsource, and these could include Helpdesk support, backup or disaster recovery, cloud computing solutions, IT consultancy, cyber security solutions, but whatever your needs may be, outsourcing has a lot of positive attributes.

Why outsource my IT support?

The field of IT is constantly changing and is a very complex.  Hiring in house IT managers and staff to look after your IT infrastructure can be expensive in the long run with constantly having to keep your IT team up to date with all the latest in training to keep their knowledge on par with all the latest trends etc.  Time and money and not to mention holidays, sick leave etc. By outsourcing your IT support to external vendors can be very beneficial in the log run, an external IT company will be exposed to many different types of companies from all sectors of industry on a daily basis, dealing with all these different types of businesses IT support puts all the IT engineer’s knowledge base within this IT company very high which in turn could be of benefit to your company whatever industry sector you are in.


What are the benefits of outsourcing my IT support?

  • Financial – you will be able to set clear budgets using an IT sourced IT company, you will be able to plan ahead and there will be no nasty surprises down the road.
  • Expert help – with an external IT company supporting your needs, you have a wealth of experience and knowledge at your fingertips, IT companies are exposed to whole lot of different types of businesses from all sectors of industry on a daily basis and this knowledge can be transferred to your business.
  • Growth of your business – using outsourced IT support means you and your staff do what you do best and that is run your business and concentrate on growing it without having to worry about IT related issues.
  • Cyber security – IT support from an external source will have the knowledge in helping and supporting your business with all security issues.  Cybercrime is always in the back of every business owners mind and this is a very big threat to businesses across the globe with 43% of small businesses experiencing some sort of cyber-attack.  With a outsourced IT provider who takes a proactive IT support approach to your business, they will not only be able to keep your network and systems safe and secure they monitor your network as well with the right tools in place.
  • Staff moral – your staff will feel more confident knowing there is an IT support company on the end of a telephone line that will be able to help them with any day-to-day issues that may arise. When computers and systems go down, this can be very demoralising for your employees who can get frustrated with systems that are not managed, where they are constantly having to fire fight IT issues that causes interruption to the working day.  With an MSP who maintains a Proactive support approach, these types of niggles and annoyances are kept to minimal and with a MSP on the end of phone who can take instant remote control of any of your PC’s from an IT expert can be a huge moral boost for all your staff within your organisation – this is good for your bottom line.